Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Head em up..Move em out

This one is for the moms out there or cattle herders as I would now like to be referred too from now on.
Every morning when we wake up the 1st herding of the day begins. I heard all three of them down the stairs shouting words like "come on girls"...."time for breakfast." After breakfast or well after the twins have both stood up in their highchairs nearly climbing out as if they getting restless and trying to escape their "pen". Following the releasing of the wild animals from their pens aka highchairs I heard them back up the stairs to get dressed for the day. Sometimes this second herding of the day is a hard one. One goes up...another goes comes down...another goes up...another goes down...until finally I have wrangled all of the little lambs in to their room and slammed the barn gate (bedroom door) to keep them in. We change & we dress & we heard again out the door. Normally the sheep header has to say "out, out, go, go, out..." multiple times while waving my hand back and forth to get them to the desired location. IT...IS...EXHAUSTING! I end up making more than one trip to gather up lost items. Cups, bows, pacifiers, shoes...the list goes on and on. I wonder if little bo peep who lost her sheep also lost her staff, bow, cap, etc.? Surely as some point she did.
Once all of my sheep have been herded in to the submarine finally I can breathe because all my sheep have been herded! The cattle & sheep wrangler is victorious!
For all you "herders" out there may your brows stay dry and animals move swiftly!