Saturday, August 16, 2014

Others lives are very important

This caringbridge is of a girl who attends our church here in Birmingham. I feel like I know her because she has graciously shared her journey with the world. This is her most recent caringbridge and I urge you all to read it and think about what this would mean for your family and your life. Pray for her and her family as if it was happening to yours.

Bringing it back

I love writing. Which means that blogging is perfect for me. Sharing my somewhat unstable thoughts and opinions with the entire world is just tip top! My husband does not agree with this so much, but hey we all have our own issues. I haven't blogged (written) in literally over 2 years. 2 years people! I have had to keep these thoughts, ideas, and happenings all inside my head. Haha! Again, my husband would only HOPE that I would keep them all to myself instead of constantly texting, calling, and sharing them with him. A girls got to do what a girls got to do, right?
So, what has changed in those two years. The kids are now 6, 4, & 4. For them this means more independence and more opinions. For me this means less independence and more opinions.
Jeff left his job that he had been doing for 9 years. More or less, companies change and sometimes we need to say goodbye. The biggest news of all ( and no I didn't have another baby or two) is that we bought a fabric store. I love sewing, crafting, and being a social butterfly...and being in charge. So when the opportunity was presented we prayed, talked, prayed some more, and now here we are. The proud new owners of a great store in our local area. Its basically my dream job! We bought the store in December 2013. I can't believe we will be approaching our 1 year mark in just 4 months. I am greatful beyond belief. Its been a HUGE adjustment for our family. Mommy not staying at home rocked all of our worlds. The dust well more like tornado is starting to settle. Thank goodness.
So thats where we are with our tiny little lives. Constantly changing, constantly moving, constantly praying....

In other news, I'm not sure where this blog is going to go or if it is going to go anywhere. When I first started blogging way back in 2006 it was to share and update everyone on our first daughter then again when life got real and we dealt with the twins birth. Now its just sort of a outlet for me. So somedays it might be funny, somedays it might be sad, somedays it might be informational. It has no real purpose which sort of goes back to the title, controlled chaos.

I hope everyone has a weekend. I'm at home with all three, by myself, all lets see who survives.