Friday, January 20, 2012


The move has been made. I repeat...THE MOVE HAS BEEN MADE. At 9 a.m. on the nose Wednesday morning the movers arrived and got straight to work. I dropped the girls off at my mother-in-laws and the day began.
I feared the day would be filled with shouting and words not to be repeated among kids, the breaking of precious items, & extreme exhaustion. I would like to be able to say these moments happened and are now funny, but it was all calm on the home front. I would like to credit American Eagle Moving Co. out of Birmingham with the bliss of our move. They were prepared, organized, and very careful of our home goods. I recommend them to anyone!
Today is Friday and I finally have almost every box out of the house and broken down. The girls are still adjusting. AK loves her new room & the playroom. She says its, "Beautiful." Palmer just keeps trying to scale the stairs and then runs circles starting in the kitchen, moving on to the dining room, then in to the family room, and takes a turn in to the foyer to make her loop back to the beginning. She proceeds to do this over and over and over.....
Blake is FINALLY starting to settle in. Even at 17 months she is not a fan of change. She cried mainly the whole first day but now is starting to get her bearings.
I now am ready to get my decorate on! Jeff, probably not so much. The extra space is so nice and being so close to everything in Hoover is just peachy! Hello Hoover..The Morans have arrived.

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