Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Diaper Duty

Why is that children want to take off their diaper and at the exact moment that they have filled it up! Ugh-sick! For the past week or so Jeff & I keep finding one or the other or both of the twins naked in their crib with their diaper slung half way across the room. Some how these sneaky little kids are pulling off their pants or unbuttoning their onesie and stripping down. It is totally disgusting to go into their room to find a poop filled diaper smeared everywhere. Sorry for TMI but hey it is what it is. Sick, right!
When I came back in to town from Austin this weekend the girls were "napping". I use quotations because it was more like playing in their cribs while the door was shut. So I peeped in and their was Blake naked as a jay bird, diaper on the other side of the room, urine soaked crib sheet and a tiny little voice saying, "Uh Oh." Uh Oh is right sista! My grandmother told this story to AK who was with her over the weekend. It left such a lasting impression that she has proceeded to tell EVERYONE about her sisters need to go diaper less. Awesome.
Well gotta go I hear the "baby monsters" crying...lets hope that there are diapers still intact!

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